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Barticle's Japanese Mahjong Guide by USPML

Downloads: 13,392
Added: 28 September 2010
Barticle's Japanese Mahjong Guide

Barticle's guide contains a wealth of Riichi Mahjong terms covering all aspects of the game, from rules to waits to optional hands and variants. Each term is presented in the original Japanese, translated and thoroughly defined. Examples and diagrams are embedded throughout, making it easy to visualize and understand many of the more complicated terms. This is an excellent read for any Riichi player looking to solidify the…

USPML Riichi Interim Rules/Scoring v2.2 by USPML

Downloads: 7,188
Added: 23 January 2010
This reference sheet outlines the rules/scoring options being used by the USPML until our official rules are drafted.  The sheet contains some particular rule guidelines, a yaku reference and tables to be used for scoring.  This is version 1.3 of the reference and will be superseded by either later versions of this document or an official rule document in the future.

World Riichi Championship Rules 2015 by USPML

Downloads: 429
Added: 20 April 2016
The World Riichi Championship ruleset - 2015 edition