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League Rankings

Game scores are calculated as per WRC rules - net point gain/loss divided by 1000 plus a ranking bonus ( +15, +5, -5, -15 ) based on placement at the table.  The league scores shown are the player's cumulative league scores for the season.

We've currently started the 2016 season running as of August.  As the season continues we will add per-event rankings and detailed score analysis.  Thanks to everyone for participating and join us at our meetups if you'd like to get on the scoreboards!

Overall Standings

RankPlayer NameLeague Score
1Moto I+113.5
2Andrew W+81.3
3Jeffrey M+62
5Greg C+40.6
6Tom R+22
8Allon S+7.9
9Jonathan L+3.7
10Weiwei J-7.1
12Tomomi L-24.2
14Tammy B-37.3
15Myra F-40.2
17Dempsey G-82.1
18Toshiko N-106.6